Coaches Profile:


Hani Kanama - Head coach and CEO of Kanama High Performance

Hani Kanama is one of the premiere coaches in Canada and North America today. He has wisdom in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting and Strength/Sport Conditioning from over 2 decades of high performance coaching. He has a large repertoire of drills, progressions and remedies for people of any body type in any situation.

Hani has experience coaching almost every aspect of conditioning in any type of sport. He has the ability to apply the fundamentals of weightlifting to assist athletes of every sport. Strength and Conditioning at Kanama High Performance not only improves the athletes’ general capacity but educates them on proper movement patterns, exercises for rehabilitation and stretching to avoid injury. The training at Kanama High Performance is the complete package to an athlete of every sport because it takes every possibility into consideration before it happens. Kanama High Performance prides itself on having a safe, injury free environment that people can go from normal to extraordinary.

-       Coach for the Canadian team participating at the 2014 World Junior Championship in Russia

-       2014 Ontario team coach

-       Coach of the 2014 Ontario Senior Team champions - the Toronto Weightlifting team

-       2013 coached one of the 3 athletes from Canada to compete at the World Junior Championships in Lima, Peru.

-       2011 coach for the Canadian team in at the World Junior Championships.

-       Every year since 2005 he has been a coach of the Ontario Junior Weightlifting Team as well as the Canadian Senior Team, which competes at the Canadian Weightlifting Championship.

-       2011 - 2012 strength and conditioning coach for the  Canadian female rugby team,

-       Coach of Richard Clune from the Nashville Predators since 2009, as well as his brother Matt Clune from the Gwinnett Gladiators (ECHL). 

-       Hani also currently coaches many of the top Crossfit competitors on technique and strength training. He builds good foundations in Weightlifting that improve their performance, times and remedies bad movement patterns.


Akos Sandor - Coached for 8 years and OWA Executive Board Member (Vice-President Operations) 

Akos Sandor’s passion for Olympic Weightlifting began at 8 years old being coached by his father Steve Sandor. He went onto become one of the most prominent figures in Canadian Olympic Weightlifting today. Akos has had one of the most successful Olympic Weightlifting careers as a Canadian athlete than most in the entire country.   Akos is now both an Olympic Weightlifting and Strength/Conditioning Coach as well an executive board member for the Ontario Weightlifting Association (Vice-President Operations). His career as a coach stems from his passion for the sport itself. He is literally a goldmine of knowledge for athletes who are looking to become better weightlifters or better athletes in general. Akos is versed in coaching the athlete to attain their physical goals needed to be champions but also surpassing mental boundaries as well. Kanama High Performance is very lucky to have such a high caliber of athlete and coach as part of the staff.

Some highlights of his career include;

1 time Olympian at 2004 Athens, Greece (105kg)

2 time 1st Olympic Games Alternate (105kg)

3 time Pan Am Games 1st Place Champion (105kg)

2 time Commonwealth Games Gold medalist (105kg)

1 time Commonwealth Games Silver medalist (105kg)

1 time Junior World Bronze and Silver medalist (105kg)

10 time Canadian Champion (105kg)