Kanama HP Coach Profile - Akos Sandor

 Akos Sandor


OWA Executive Board Member (Vice-President Operations)


Akos Sandor’s passion for Olympic Weightlifting began at 8 years old being coached by his father Steve Sandor. He went onto become one of the most prominent figures in Canadian Olympic Weightlifting today. Akos has had one of the most successful Olympic Weightlifting careers as a Canadian athlete than most in the entire country.

Some highlights of his career include;

1 time Olympian at 2004 Athens, Greece (105kg)

2 time 1st Olympic Games Alternate (105kg)

3 time Pan Am Games 1st Place Champion (105kg)

2 time Commonwealth Games Gold medalist (105kg)

1 time Commonwealth Games Silver medalist (105kg)

1 time Junior World Bronze and Silver medalist (105kg)

10 time Canadian Champion (105kg)


Akos is now both an Olympic Weightlifting and Strength/Conditioning Coach as well an executive board member for the Ontario Weightlifting Association (Vice-President Operations). His career as a coach stems from his passion for the sport itself. He is literally a goldmine of knowledge for athletes who are looking to become better weightlifters or better athletes in general. Akos is versed in coaching the athlete to attain their physical goals needed to be champions but also surpassing mental boundaries as well. Kanama High Performance is very lucky to have such a high caliber of athlete and coach as part of the staff.