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At Kanama High Performance the main focus is Olympic weightlifting. Training at Kanama High Performance is designed to increase athletic performance. It makes athletes jump higher, run faster, throw farther, hit harder and be more explosive. In short, Kanama High Performance is perfect for any sport and for any athlete, male or female, adult or youth and the impact it has on their performance is amazing. The Kanama High Performance system advances fat loss, flexibility, full body muscle development and mental focus.


What you'll gain:


Explosive Power Olympic weight training methods taught will give you explosive power naturally. Instruction combines proper training techniques that develop the body's fast twitch muscles necessary to exert strong bursts of energy. The body is challenged to use more muscles than typical weight training routines. Increased physical and mental strength come naturally through the weightlifting techniques and exercises trained at Kanama High Performance.


Muscle Tone The Olympic weightlifting techniques promote fat loss and full body muscle development naturally. Members are taught weightlifting methods that stimulate muscles other training programs do not. The body is continuously challenged to use more of its resources. The net result is an increase in proportionate muscular growth and decreased body fat percentage derived from a true full body workout.


Flexibility Range of motion and flexibility are key to elevating the level of play in any sport. The Toronto Weightlifting training technique includes a proper warm up, cool down, pre and post workout stretching routine. Some stretches are more effective than others at different stages of training. You will be show ideal stretching methods and the appropriate time to perform them.


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Hani Kanama Founder & Head Coach

Hani is the founder & head coach of Kanama High Performance. He has been involved in Olympic weightlifting for over 20 years. He assisted the Canadian weightlifting team as an athletic therapist at the World Championships in 2003 and was assistant coach to the Syrian team. Hani has competed in numerous weightlifting competitions.