Kanama High Performance Level 1 Weightlifting Certification

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Kanama High Performance Level 1 Weightlifting Certification

On this two day course, Kanama High Performance will be holding a certification course, with the goal of teaching people how to coach weightlifting. This seminar is open to beginner and intermediate weight lifters, and anyone who would like to further improve their technique and athletic abilities. The coaching objective for the Level One Course is to teach beginners the technical aspects of weightlifting - this is primarily a technique coaching seminar.

The execution of all versions of the main lifts will be covered, along with troubleshooting of physical problems and limitations. The course will be a combination of theory and practical work, with participants executing the movements and learning how to coach each other. There will be a test at the end of the course which will have a practical component. To pass the test and receive the Level One Certificate, each participant must demonstrate that they are competent to teach weightlifting technique to beginners - i.e. that they understand and can practically apply all that is taught during the course.

Kanama High Performance would like to share the Olympic weightlifting success of some of our athletes, and show what can be achieved at any age. Please come and join us at our weightlifting seminar on  $440 + HST for non-members.

Learn proper technique of Snatch, Clean and Jerk and Squat (Front and Back) from one of Canada’s top Olympic weightlifting coaches Hani Kanama.

LOCATION: Kanama HP, 39 Cosentino Drive, Toronto, Ontario, M1P 3A3

Date: coming soon 

NOTE: Athletic attire is required to participate in this seminar


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